How Bad Is Your Spotify?

The Spotify listening habits of people in 2020 have been awful. An automated program has tracked them and shared the information.

In How Bad Is Your Spotify? It’s easy to let a bot completely destroy your sense of pride in music. It asks users to rate the top songs on Spotify and lets the algorithm pick apart their choices and spit out a list of the worst albums that they like.

The process is simple. Sign up for a free Spotify account, answer a few questions, and sit back and let the bot make fun of your taste in music. It reveals all of the details of your personal data. For example, it shows which artists you listen to too much, and which tracks you prefer over others. If you’re curious, it also reveals which artists you don’t like at all, and why.

It certainly has its opposite, with Spotify Wrapping providing similar data but in a much less judgmental way. It lets you decide for yourself.

This bot has been trained on over 2,000,000 indicators of objectively good music, Pitchfork, record store, and subreddit recommendations. Clearly, it knows best. The rules aren’t made by me.

Thankfully, your stats aren’t posted anywhere, but a lot of brave souls have taken to the internet to do it anyway.

I didn’t know how I’d feel once I shared my own stats with the world. But after reading these tweets, I don’t think I feel as bad. So, here they are.

We’re all about listening to music here at Wrapped. So after experiencing this, I think I’m just going to stick to scrolling through my Spotify Wrapped.

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