How to share spotify top songs playlist?

We know you are planning on sharing your Top Songs 2022 playlist with friends and family and we would like to help.

The Spotify app now includes an option for individualized playlists, so that every person who follows a link to a playlist sees only his or her own music on the list. You can still choose to share your favorites with others on the network though.

You can get a cool story that compares your listening habits to those of others like the one below.

To get yours, follow these steps:

  • On mobile, tap Search and scroll down a bit until you see our wrapped category.
  • Tap on this and scroll down to 2022 wrapped.
  • Click on the button Create a Blend.
  • Click on Invite, and you’ll get a link to share with a friend.
  • If they click on your link and agree to accept your invite, a playlist called “Blend” will be created in their library.

The Blend Playlist is where you’ll find most of your favorite songs and albums. When you tap on the “Moving Story” icon in the top left corner, you’ll see your upcoming 2022 Wrapped Blend story and stats.

We understand that your top 100 songs aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for but if you instead just want to share your top 10 songs, there’s an easy way to go about this.

For PC/Mac and iOS:

  1. Open Your Top Songs 2022 playlist on your PC/Mac.
  2. Press Cmd+A to select all of the songs in the playlist.
  3. Right click > Add to playlist > Create New Playlist
  4. You can share this playlist as you would normally do by choosing the Share option. Sharing this playlist can be done on your iOS device as well.

For Android:

  1. Open your Top Songs 2022 playlist
  2. To access the playlist, tap on the three-dots icon next to the download icons.
  3. Select “Add to another playlist” > New Playlist
  4. You can share the new playlist that contains all 100 songs again as you like.

We hope this helps anyone interested in sharing and comparing their music.

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