The 10 Best Spotify Stats Websites

Spotify has become a household name for music lovers, but it’s also a great way to find new music. The company makes it easy to discover new artists, playlists, and genres through its website. Spotify offers a free service that lets users listen to any song, album, or playlist on-demand. It also lets users download music to listen to offline. Below is our top ten list of Best Spotify Stats Websites:

1. Stats for Spotify

Stats for Spotify is one of the more basic websites that analyzes your Spotify stats and provides an overview of the tracks, artists, and genres in your account. It gives you the option to create your charts based on the music you listen to. It breaks down your favorite songs and switches between three different periods.

The Spotify API allows you to access the Spotify database and use the songs and artists that are stored within. You can then create custom playlists based on this data and display them through a web browser. You may also add a set of play buttons to the bottom of the page, allowing you to quickly navigate to any of the playlists you’ve created.

If you’re wondering why your favorite song is on repeat, you can use this feature to find out. You can also see which artists you listen to the most, and which tracks you play most often. Spotify is a great platform for finding out what kind of music you like, and what you can do to make your listening experience better.

2. Obscurify

If you’re looking for some insight into how obscure your music taste is, then check out It’s a website that lets you explore different music genres by location, year, and type of music. You can also see what kind of artists are making music in a specific genre.

We’ve always had a love of music and a desire to share our obsession with others. In this project, we’re making it easier for people to find the obscure music they might be interested in. It’s like the world’s most efficient Spotify playlist.

This website helps people discover obscure music. Obscurify creates a way for people to discover new music that they would never have heard before. If you haven’t already, please check it out and see what you think.

3. Judge My Spotify

Judge My Spotify is a fun website that lets you use an artificial intelligence based algorithm to judge your musical taste. Using your top artists, songs, and your favorite genres, the site will display a list of your top tracks, favorite artists, and the top songs in your playlists.

Results may differ depending on the specific music player used and the way in which the data is collated. Still, if you’re a music fan or simply enjoy some good music, Judge My Spotify can be a fun tool for analyzing your taste.

Judge My Spotify isn’t saving any of your Spotify data and it doesn’t use any real artificial intelligence. Instead, it pulls the results from a faux pretentious music loving AI.

4. Receiptify

Receiptify is a fun music website that generates receipts for your top songs. The receipts are displayed in a traditional grocery store format that shows how many songs you’ve been listening to in a given timeframe.

The website also allows you to share your receipts with your social media contacts, making it easy to brag about your best songs without having to tell anyone you’re listening to a lot of music.

5. MusicTaste.Space

MusicTaste. Space is a great Spotify statistics app that helps you discover which songs your friends and family like the best. Simply log into the app to analyze your account’s songs and artists, and the site will let you know how compatible your tastes are with friends and family.

The site analyzes your listening habits and displays the songs and artists that are most similar to your favorites, giving you new music to listen to. You can even find songs and artists in common and learn what tracks you and a friend share.

The site is especially useful for finding new music based on a song’s beat and intensity. It’s a great way to discover new tunes for parties and get-togethers with friends and family.

6. Discover Quickly

Discover Quickly is one of the most popular Spotify stats sites on the web. It allows users to easily arrange their playlists, top artists, and top songs, and filter them through a variety of criteria such as danceability and popularity. You can also view Spotify’s exclusive genres including acid house and deep metalcore.

While browsing through each genre, a user can choose to see a list of related music, or just click on any genre to start creating a playlist of the best songs within that category. One of the best features on Discover Quickly is the ability to hover over an album cover and trigger the best part of the song to start playing.

It’s a great way to browse for new music without having to wade through track after track until you decide if it’s suited to your tastes. Additionally, clicking on any genre will put together a playlist of songs within that genre, making it easy for music lovers to branch out into new and exciting artists and albums.

Discover Quickly helps users find new and interesting music to add to their library without spending hours scrolling through Spotify’s endless amounts of content.

7. Zodiac Affinity

Zodiac Affinity is a web application that allows you to explore what music you like based on your birth date. It allows you to choose your favorite music based on your zodiac sign. With a little bit of work, you can see if your tastes in music match up to your birth date.

8. Run BPM

Run BPM is a new platform which makes creating your own customized playlists easy and fun. By using Run BPM, you can match the tempo of your running with songs you listen to and keep your energy levels high, which has been shown to benefit performance.

This means that when you get into a groove, you can listen to songs that will keep your heart pumping and your mood upbeat. You can import your playlists from Spotify and other services to get started, and if you need to tweak things a bit, you can add in new songs and remove old ones.

It’s all handled automatically by a BPM detection system that looks at the tempo of the songs you listen to and then matches them to your running speed. It’s great for runners and anyone who listens to music on the go, and is easy to use, making it a fun and easy way to create playlists.

9. Sort Your Music

Sort Your Music is an app that lets you sort your music into different lists by song attributes. It’s built on top of the Echo Nest Song Attributes API. With Sort Your Music, you can sort your music by any song attribute, like BPM, energy, danceability, loudness, valence, length, acoustic, and pop. Sort Your Music gives you access to a data analysis tool that allows you to see how your music fits into the greater scheme of things.

10. Skiley

Skiley is a good Spotify tool for anyone who uses the music streaming service. There are many apps that do similar things but Skiley offers several features that make it stand out.

With Skiley, you can organize your playlists into specific categories like ‘dance’ or ‘jazz,’ and you can search them for specific terms. The app also lets you download playlists and songs, and it will provide you with the lyrics to the songs you select.

You can also use to find the perfect playlist for your mood or activity.


Spotify users can learn more about their playlists, listening habits, and more with a range of resources. We’ve looked at the 10 best Spotify statistics websites that cover everything from tracking your playlists to identifying your musical preferences and offering suggestions of new music to listen to. As Spotify updates its own apps, expect to see more of these stats-based websites, so stay tuned!

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