How to see my top genres on Spotify?

To see your top genres on Spotify, open the Spotify app and tap the “Home” button at the bottom. Then search for 2022 Wrapped. It will show up as one of the genres you can click on. But if you don’t see it, you can also search for 2022 Wrapped on the app and it will show up as one of the genres you can click on.

You can check out your Spotify stats by logging in to your account through the Spotify mobile app or desktop site. Simply head to, and you can see your Top Artists, Songs, Podcasts, Genres, and total minutes streamed in 2022.

How many top genres can you have on Spotify?

With the amount of data that Spotify has amassed, it’s possible to define more than a thousand distinct genres. And with that level of detail, people are using the platform to explore new genres and find music they wouldn’t otherwise hear.

Spotify lets you find the genre of a song.

You can also find playlists by genre using the search bar on Spotify’s website. Just type in the genre name of the music you’re looking for.

Where do I find my Spotify stats?

In the mobile app, you can access Spotify stats by tapping on your profile icon. From there, you can see how many times you’ve listened to a particular artist, or how many times you’ve added songs to your library. It’s a great way to stay on top of what your favorite artists are doing.

How do I find my Spotify Analytics?

You can access your Spotify Analytics from the banner at the top of the app. Just tap the banner to open the menu, then tap See how you listened in 2022. You’ll be taken to a page that shows your Spotify analytics for the year, including your top 100 songs, hit songs you haven’t listened to, and the most popular artists in the world. You can also scroll down on this menu to see other cool features.

How do I check my hours on Spotify?

Spotify has a nice feature that lets you know how much time you’ve spent listening to any song. Just click the Applications tab. You’ll find this under the Settings page. Click Connect next to Spotify Scrobbling. This will track how much time you’ve listened to your favorite artists.

How do I see my top artists on Spotify 2022?

Go to, and sign in with your Spotify login information. You can then choose which data range you’d like to view, including your top artists, top tracks, top genres, and most recently played. You can also see your most recently played songs.

How often do Spotify top genres update?

Your Spotify account is updated daily, and you can also save your top tracks and recommendations in your Spotify playlist. If you log in with the wrong Spotify account, you can go to and click the Log Out button. Then you will be able to sign into a new account with your login details.

Can you organize Spotify by genre?

Spotify is giving you the power to sort your music into specific moods, like happy, sad, romantic, etc. This feature will be available for all of your playlists, and you’ll see a filter option in the main navigation bar that lets you choose what mood or genre you want to focus on.

How much do 1 million Spotify streams pay?

1 million Spotify streams pay $0.0035 each. The current payout rate has been around $0.003 for quite some time now. It’s usually set to keep the artists from going bankrupt, and also to protect Spotify users from paying too much for free music.

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